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Free pattern review! Christmas Stockings

Free pattern review! Christmas Stockings

Christmas is in less than one week! Do you have stockings yet? Do you need stockings? Do you want to make stockings? There's still time! (There's also still time to buy one of mine, if you'd rather do that. I won't judge!) 

Fabric.com released this great free stocking pattern and tutorial recently. I tried it, and I can assure you it's quick and easy and gives beautiful results!

I made this!

2017-12-18 03.20.11.jpg

And this!

2017-12-18 03.17.11.jpg

If you're too busy to sew this week, these stockings are still available on my Etsy store here (plaid) and here (Star Wars), but if you have a few extra yards of fabric and about an hour to spare, I want to help you make this!

Fabric.com's tutorial is very solid, I just have a few things to add:

* The flannel and fur they use are fabulous! But you can, of course, use any fabric combination you want. Felt is a classic. Contrasting cotton prints would be fun. Vinyl would be crazy. And that cuff is a great way to use up your fabric scraps!

* Serge or zigzag your stitches. This is a stocking, you're going to load it with stuff, be sure your seams are sturdy enough to hold up to gifts and gravity!

*Pom poms are optional. They're cute but they take a lot of time to make. If you're pressed for time, skip them. Nobody will ever know the difference. 

* The stacking order of all the layers for final assembly isn't well defined in the tutorial. I had to flip pieces inside out and right side in several times before figuring out the right setup! My recommendation:

  • baste the hanging loop to the right side top edge of liner
  • baste the pom pom ribbons (optional) to the right side top edge of outer fabric
  • Stack the pieces as listed, inside to outside:
    • outer fabric, right side out
    • pom pom ribbons down (towards the heel)
    • cuff, right side out
    • liner, wrong side out, hanging loop down (towards the heel)
  • sew all layers together. When you're done the pom pom ribbons should hang between the stocking and cuff, and the hanging loop should extend up from between the cuff and liner. 

Easy as that! You've made a quick and easy stocking that you can keep for years and years!

Or, you know, just buy mine :)



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