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Tip: Perfect hem measuring

Tip: Perfect hem measuring

I read this amazing tip somewhere, but unfortunately I can't remember where so I can't give proper credit, but it is absolutely magical and I have to share it with you!

You know how, when you're turning up a hem and you're trying to measure the distance as you pin and press? You measure from the bottom edge to where you want your fold, fold, re-measure, adjust the fold, re-measure, repeat as necessary, pin, press? Yeah stop that. Those are too many steps. There is an easier way! Rather than measuring to where you want your fold line, measure to where you want your fabric edge to end up!

In this example, I wanted a 1-5/8 inch (1.625") hem. I started by drawing a little line at the 1.625" mark.


And then I multiplied 1.625 x 2, to get 3.25. 


So I know that if I want a 1.625" hem, the edge of my fabric will hit a spot 1.625" above the fold, or 3.25" from the (unfolded) edge. For reasons I've now forgotten, I decided to give myself an extra 8th of an inch, resulting in a final measurement of 3-3/8 (3.375) inches from the bottom edge. I drew a line parallel to the edge at the 3.375" point


And, rather than struggling to measure up 1.625" every few inches all along this hemline, I simply folded my fabric up so that the edge met the line, and pressed!


End result: A perfectly pressed, perfectly even hemline all ready for final stitching!


If you need to double-fold your hem or prep for a blind hem stitch, I suggest doing it as the final step. If you're worried about losing the crease, add a few pins or clips, but really, once the main fold line is established you can fold, pin, and press as necessary and you'll still have your perfectly measured and pressed hemline when you're done!

This is such a quick and easy process! I'll never go back to just measuring to the fold line again! I've used this procedure on curved hems, too. It's not quite as easy because you don't have the luxury of drawing a single straight line with a big ruler, but it can be done! Give it a try next time you have to fold up a hem!

Happy sewing :)

Convention tips

Convention tips

Favorite tools: Floss Threader (and a serger tip!)

Favorite tools: Floss Threader (and a serger tip!)