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Top 5 Star Wars Hairstyles (a rebuttal)

Top 5 Star Wars Hairstyles (a rebuttal)

I realize this is a little outside the theme of this blog, but Star Wars is my favorite thing in the world. It was only a matter of time before I posted something like this!

I love Star Wars. And usually I love StarWars.com. But their recent post 5 Star Wars Hairstyles We Love is just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

Ok, to be fair, they didn’t say these were the TOP five hairstyles, just five of their favorites, so maybe they’re not totally wrong, but most of them wouldn’t even crack my top 10. Here are my top five picks!

1. Leia, Cloud City


Leia has the best hair. No question. And this braided bun and loops look is the best of the best. (Also, for the record, her Hoth outfit is her best outfit, which I guess makes Empire Strikes Back her best overall style movie!) For as elaborate as Leia’s hairstyles were, they were almost always practical. I love that this one is both practical and a little sassy!

As a kid with short curly hair, I dreamed of the day my hair would be long and manageable enough to pull off this style! Sadly my hair is STILL not long enough, but luckily hair extensions are a thing :)


2. Padme, Geonosis arena

Obviously you can’t make a list of good Star Wars hair without talking about Padme. This is probably her most understated style, but I just love it for its subtle complexity. Anyone else in the galaxy would just braid their hair and tie it into a bun, but Padme won’t settle for anything less than a complicated series of twists and knots! Love her!

3. Sabine, everywhere, all the time


Drastic hair color changes are the key to my heart. And Sabine’s hair was always FABULOUS, no matter what color she was rocking that day. My favorite was her season one hair - the high-contrast blue and orange, but really, she could do no wrong.

4. Holdo, The Last Jedi


I know she’s a controversial character, but you can’t deny her adorable little bob in that fantastic lilac! When Leia and Holdo first met, (in “Leia, Princess of Alderaan”, set when Leia was 16 years old), Holdo’s hair is green. Like Sabine, I think her style was ever-changing and I’d love to see a timeline of Holdo’s looks! Also, for what it’s worth, I was mad at her at first, but the more I watch TLJ, the more I like her and understand her decisions.

Also, her shot in the Vanity Fair Annie Leibovitz photo spread was pure old-Hollywood glamour.

5. Lando, Solo


That side part! The sideburns! Perfection!

Honorable mention: Ventress

asajj_ventress_2 (1).jpg

Because, damn! She might not have any hair, but she has STYLE!

So, what do you think? Am I right? Wrong? Wanna fight me about Holdo? Tell me in the comments!

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